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No Bisphenol A, No Bis-GMA and no BPA derivatives for white fillings

I’ve been asked by patients who are concerned about the BPA release in composite fillings as alluded to in my previous blog. I have a new material listed below which releases no BPA and is available upon request for your fillings. I don’t generally use it because it is not as esthetic or as well tested for durability. The composites I generally use release a very small amount of BPA and is very safe. But for those who maybe sensitive…

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Composite Restorations or “White Fillings” and the surrounding controversy

Composite Restorations or “White Fillings” and the surrounding controversy A little history The dental industry used to and still do use Amalgam to do fillings since the early 1900’s. Amalgam is an amalgamation of mainly silver and mercury with small amounts of zinc, copper and other trace mineral. Since the 1980’s the industry started using composite, a resin to fill the need for a more durable, easier technical properties and more aesthetic material. Resins are also used in sealants. Generally…

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Dental Care for Little Or Nothing

Dentistry is expensive and at times unaffordable. Our office helps with various programs when we can. Below are a list of groups who help the public in need of dental care for very little or no money: Dental Life Line Network West Oakland Health Center East Oakland Health Center Life Long Medical Center

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